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Jona Bakinikana


I don’t know about you, but teamwork makes me happy. I love to see different members of a team doing their bit to achieve a common goal. And so often the results seem to be achieved with much less effort because the workload is shared.  Here is a very little example from our team… One

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Moses Lazaro


What a Visit!! The Joshua Foundation Education department enrolled for TEN/MET membership two years ago. TEN/MET is the English Swahili acronym for Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania. This is a coalition that networks private organizations conducting various education intervention programs in the community. The become a voice for the community to central government, building capacity

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Lynda Stephenson


Who is Moses? Moses and Joshua – good combo, eh? Moses is our newest team member. He is in our media department and just started with Joshua this year. Let me tell you about him…Moses Lazaro has just turned 29 and is great at coding, website design and other techy things that I don’t understand

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Alan Stephenson


Recently, Sunday mornings took a different direction for Lynda and I, when leaders of the Asian Christian community in Arusha asked us for additional training. Over the years we’ve occasionally ministered at their Friday evening service, so it was a delight to increase our input to a dedicated core team who have impacted the city.

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Amani Nicolas


We are thrilled to see how God is using us to make an impact on the Tanzania education system. In 2019 we partnered with School-to-School International to provide in-service teachers’ support for 6 schools in Arusha District. The support focused on equipping teachers with skills and knowledge to teach literacy and numeracy. This was very important in

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Jona Bakinikana


In September 2020, all TJF managers got to share their S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) with TJF executives Alan and Lynda. Among them was Ephraim Mollel, whom some of you might know as Joshua’s ‘Resident Manager’. In his report, Ephraim announced his plans to leave in 2022 when he reached 55 years of age, due to a renewed

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