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Alan Stephenson

Stirring Fires in East Africa

I returned from a week in each of Kenya and Burundi, training leaders across the body of Christ from six different African nations. Our topic, “Kingdom Leadership for the Last Days” has led to many further requests and open doors, especially in Burundi.

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Martin Mark

A Day At The Computer Lab

Part of my duties includes looking after the computers that were donated last year. This week, Teacher Dennis and I are going to be busy cleaning up the computers in preparations for the second semester of JSA school.

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Lynda Stephenson

Growth At JSA!!

If a school can have a growth spurt then we are having one at Joshua School! Not with numbers but with development. It’s wonderful to see things growing and developing.

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Andrew Thompson

An Overview of “En Gedi” Base (Part 2)

Right now, we have many different projects on the go in different stages. One dream is to have the Ishara (Swahili for “Signs”) training area enlarged and self-catering; this dream is becoming a reality each day as progress is very visible. Once the kitchen is complete the next step is to get the main meeting

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