For Christian Leaders and Serious Christians​

Welcome to a four-day leaders’ convention from Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th October 2022 that will transform the lives of many! 

Do you know God has a timetable aimed at maturing His Church? He’s determined we will resemble His Son for a massive end-time harvest and wedding! As these last days darken, God’s light is rising brightly over His people, but many have no idea what’s going on and how to fit in.

The Joshua Foundation (Tanzania), invites English-speaking Christian leaders who are serious about practicing New Testament faith, to a ground-breaking conference examining vital themes.

Invited Keynote speakers are Dr.  Alan & Lynda Stephenson founders of  The Joshua Foundation (Tanzania).

  •  What in the world is God doing today?
  • How can believers align with His plans?
  • How can believers align with His plans?
  • Learning to enjoy God’s rest and victory!

ALAN and LYNDA are New Zealanders, known to many as the apostolic founders of The Joshua Foundation, a multi-faceted educational and leadership-training ministry, based at Arusha, Tanzania. They’ve lived in East Africa for the last 34 years and Alan is Tanzania-born. They have strong teaching and prophetic ministries and have influenced the lives of thousands, here and abroad.


If you are a committed Christian leader or serious believer who wants to embrace new faith levels and perspectives, plus the chance to network with like-minded others, regardless of denomination, you should  attend. Leaders may invite members of their teams and other serious Christians.


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