We got more opportunities by God’s favour to bring the love of Jesus Christ to people over the last few weeks. We’re also thanking God for Mike and Stacy Collins, resident missionaries at The Joshua Foundation, who have teamed up with us to bring God’s Good News of the Kingdom. What a blessing they have been!

Stacy with a healed and born-again new convert!
Praying for Salvation

Within the pubs and slum homes, this Good News has impacted many so that they now confess Jesus as Saviour, while many others have also been healed of their afflictions.

We have witnessed people throwing their witchcraft items away, surrendering themselves to Jesus’ authority, the true Source of power!

Witchcraft Junk
Praying for those involved in Witchcraft

We ask you to continue remembering us in prayer and also to join us in this work of God. Let’s leave all the glory and praise with Him who is able to do all things well!

Always, the Children!

Also, please especially remember Saturday 21st August when COT and the Collins will be conducting a Outreach for the children of Esso Slums that afternoon. We’re expecting at least 200 kids and will be showing a film, plus life-changing stories as e rescue these precious little ones from Satan’s grip! Much blessing to you all.