What a Visit!!

The Joshua Foundation Education department enrolled for TEN/MET membership two years ago. TEN/MET is the English Swahili acronym for Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania. This is a coalition that networks private organizations conducting various education intervention programs in the community. The become a voice for the community to central government, building capacity and connecting them with a range of organizations for learning purposes.

TENMET secretariat representatives visited us over the last three weeks to find out how we are doing and how our expertise in education could be utilized to help similar organizations and communities in the nation. They were so excited with the way in which we are benefiting the community, our in-service teacher training program, the establishment of a Special Education Needs (SEN) department at Joshua School Arusha, and much more!

From Left: Archbold, Alistidia (TenMet communication officer), Alan and Lynda Stephenson (TJF Exec), Amani Nicholas (In-Service Training), Jonah (TJF HR), Edwin (TenMet finance officer)

They loved how we live together as a family community with love and trust, and our expertise on specific teaching subjects and pedagogy training as well as a variety of mentoring approaches. They requested if they can network us with other organizations to train others and of course, we said a BIG YES to that!

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