I don’t know about you, but teamwork makes me happy. I love to see different members of a team doing their bit to achieve a common goal. And so often the results seem to be achieved with much less effort because the workload is shared. 

Here is a very little example from our team

One morning I went to visit the 3–4-year-old class of Joshua School. The kids were enjoying some free play time and I noticed that there were kids pushing building blocks around the floor, pretending they were cars. Uhuh, I thought to myself. No cars for them to play with! 

I took the challenge to Philemon, our base carpenter. Did he have any bits of wood lying around that could be turned into cars? I shared my idea of a simple car/truck. 

The next day Philemon turns up with a prototype. Fantastic!! How many do I want? Ten! No problem!! A day later Philemon deposits 10 toy trucks on my kitchen table. Wow!!

The truck!!!
Philemon and happy kids with the truck

I took the trucks to school next day. What a reception! Everyone wanted a truck, so the kids took turns and soon we had a great road show! Success!! Happy kids, happy teacher, happy Philemon and happy me!! Teamwork had solved the problem. 

Road Show Time!
As our team grows and develops, we see wonderful examples of teamwork on a regular basis. It is heart-warming and so often Alan and I can sit back, relax a bit, and see the results of our team pulling together to achieve great things. Today’s example may seem small, but happy kids are part of what we aim for at the Joshua School 😊
Great teaching moments: ‘How many stones can you fit on your truck?’  ‘How do we say thank you?’
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