Stirring Fires in East Africa

Ten days ago, I returned from a week in each of Kenya and Burundi, training leaders across the body of Christ from six different African nations. Our topic, “Kingdom Leadership for the Last Days” has led to many further requests and open doors, especially in Burundi. 
As some of you know from my Facebook page, we were honored to meet with H.E. Ubuntu (Grace) Nkurunziza, Burundi’s first lady, plus the mayor of Bujumbura Freddy Mbonimpa and the nation’s Ombudsman, Dr Edouard Nduwimana and his wife and family. I also posted a link of President Pierre Nkurunziza publicly leading many in unreserved “David-style” worship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We’re now working on extensive leadership training plans in partnership with our hosts, Church on the Rock and Bishop Charles Akimana to cover the region.

In the 1930’s and following, God used Burundi to spearhead a great east African revival influencing the world. Today God’s revisiting and reviving the country. More than that, He’s preparing to stay and bring restoration. Since 2015, when Burundi’s born-again, Christ-honoring leaders rejected Europe’s LGBT-loaded aid agenda with its promises of development, the country’s aid sector dropped from 40% of its national income to just 8% today. Yet this tiny nation of 28,000 square kilometers and nearly 12 million people, proudly sports clean roads and cities and a determination to exalt Jesus Christ

Back at our Tanzania base, “Caleb Ministries” (a UK leadership-training team led by Martin Allen, a Joshua missionary of years gone by), conducted a kingdom conference that drew many local leaders. It was a joy to meet with previous Joshua College alumni and to hear stirring reports of ministries established, churches planted and Bible Colleges and schools started!

This morning as I was thinking about this blog, Ken Iveson (a Calebite), told me of a dream he had the previous night:
You know how a doctor has different ways of reading a pulse, like checking a patient’s neck or wrist or placing a stethoscope near the heart?Well, in my dream I saw the Lord reaching over the African continent, checking the “revival pulse” of different countries. When He came to Burundi, the heart of Africa, His stethoscope stopped as He heard what He was looking for. The pulse was strong!
Yes, God has great things planned for East Africa and the continent!