Pray Together, Stay Together

Coming from a religious background (my father is a pastor), our family’s motto was, ‘a family that prays together, stays together’. We have prayers together every evening at our home after dinner. Before working for The Joshua Foundation, I would lock myself in my office every Monday to say a prayer for my fellow co-workers, our bosses and the whole country.

Prayers build families and teams

When I joined The Joshua Foundation, I was very pleased to learn that the staff meets every Monday morning to pray together before working together. The same thing happens at Joshua School Arusha!

Monday mornings are for devotions at JSA and TJF!

Our Monday devotions are also a time for training too. The 8-9 am session is split between praise and worship, prayers and teachings from one of our own. Over the past few months, we have had teachings by various managers.

This week, we had Alan leading devotions

This month, Alan Stephenson is leading us in teachings. Over the month, he has shown us a different perspective on how we view God and each other. Listening to Alan teaching in Swahili has been both a delight and a pleasure.

Lessons in Swahili by Mzee 😆

Working at The Joshua Foundation feels like working a family-owned business. Everyone loves and treats each other like family. Things like devotionals and trainings have helped us not only grow closer, but have also helped us grow spiritually. I thank God for the organization and the presence of the Stephenson’s in our lives.