One of the great things about being on the mission field is the ‘mixed bag’ of things you get to do! (So often, one feels like Nehemiah, building the walls of Jerusalem – shovel in one hand, sword in the other, everyone on deck, trumpeters on hand.) This last week has been a Nehemiah one for me.

Along with the usual gamut of admin stuff and staff relationships, I was a keynote speaker at Gloryland interdenominational leaders’ conference, a local Arusha church that’s going places. (Years ago, we hosted Gloryland pastors Olam and Florence-Ruth from Nigeria for 4 months at our place, when they first came to Tanzania, a HUGE story in itself. They’re now the overseers over many churches.) I had a great time sharing about The Blessing and The Blood, how they relate to each other in real terms and the last days – where we are right now! Lots healed and set free.

On a completely different note, it’s fantabulous to see our own new venue, ‘Joshua Community Centre’ (alias, ‘Zone’) rising from ground level. And here, I have to brag …. on YOU!

Three weeks ago, I let you know that our target total for phase one to finish the building (the Nehemiah picture again), was US$13,500 and that we were still short by US$2,750. Well, as you can see from our ‘Brick Barometer’ and updated photos below, you crunched it!! We’ve now topped US$17,000 and from what you’ve told me, still more is to come in over the next few weeks! You are legend and we so appreciate every one of you. Thanks guys!