My first time to meet Moses was when I joined The Joshua Foundation in 2013. He was working as an assistant project manager under his missionary supervisor Donal Gray – a missionary from Australia. When Don retired in 2016, Moses had enough building project skills to carry on by himself.

Moses at work in our ‘syntropic gardens’

After his form four secondary school education, Moses was employed by a tourist company in Arusha as a tour guide. His career gave him chance to work with different kinds of people from all over the world. As he spoke to them, he gained more experience about their challenges and achievements. All this pushed him to join a Community Development Training Institute for 3 years where he gained a Bachelor Degree in Community Development. At Joshua, apart from working as a building constructor, he also supervise ours “Syntropic” garden where a mixture of different crops are grown in the one field.

Moses and Celina

Celina, Moses’ wife, joined TJF as a primary school teacher fresh from a government Teachers Training College. She was among the first 3 teachers who started teaching at Joshua Preschool in 2006.  She now supervises the Department for Special Education Needs (SEN). Moses was introduced to the Joshua community soon after, and in 2007 they were married. They’re now blessed with three children: Milan, Joan and Hannah.

The Urio Family

While interviewing this couple, both were eager to share their achievements and experience working with The Joshua Foundation. “I thank God,” said Celina, “for all these years I have worked here. Through TJF I now have my Bachelor in Education Languages and Management and just recently I received my Masters’ degree of Management in Education”. In Tanzania, these are huge steps. 

Moses had more to add. He’s grateful for the opportunity his kids have to study at Joshua Primary school and for his family becoming part of God’s kingdom community at Joshua. I think we can all join them in praising God for becoming the strong leaders they are in the Joshua community.