Exciting news! After a long quiet Covid season our Ishara campsite finally has some action! This last weekend we had a small ladies’ conference here at En Gedi, hosted by The Joshua Foundation. It was so satisfying to hear the sound of happy voices, laughter, food being prepared and the buzz of conversations around the campsite. The ladies, mainly pastors’ wives, arrived on Friday evening to a meal prepared by our lovely cooks, and beds made up ready for a good night’s sleep.

Tamu House – the name of our kitchen/dining area. Tamu means ‘Delicious’ in Swahili.

Margie is our campsite manageress, and she worked hard to get the kitchen and campsite fully operational. This is the first time we have had a group to cater for in our beautiful new kitchen. Margie planned the menu, did the shopping, made up beds and mopped floors until the venue was spic and span. She is a wonder!!

Each day the ladies had Bible teaching sessions that Alan and I took. They are a lovely bunch and we enjoyed our times with them and their enthusiastic response to the Word of God, plus their challenging questions! Each lady is a leader of a group of women: sometimes she is the leader of groups from a denomination of churches, and other times of new church start-ups. Whatever her position, we know that the teachings that we gave will be taken and passed on to many more women. It is always a privilege to plant seed that will bring multiplied growth!