Jesus Christ is The Joshua Foundation’s model as we study what he did concerning teaching and learning environments. Not only did Jesus teach us about the universe, mankind’s relationship to it and his problems, but also he also taught on how to enjoy a better life on earth, as well as receiving salvation for the life beyond. For all these reasons, TJF knows no one can ever expect good results from people without significant effort to train them.

This is why The Joshua Foundation has grouped its staff into three groups depending on the nature of their employment. There’s the group of teachers at Joshua school, secondly the group of non-professional employees and finally the leadership team.

The teachers meet every Friday afternoon for professional development (PD) session. Trainings are conducted by Lynda and Archbold, who together lead Joshua’s education department. Trainings aim at empowering teachers with teaching skills and class management. Sometimes more mentors are asked to help when trainings are done by way of group activities.

Archbold training JSA teachers on behaviour management
The group of non-professional employees meets on Monday mornings for an hour before they resume normal weekly duties. Trainings focus on teaching basic Biblical principles. Trainers are selected from among TJF leaders and sometimes Dr. Alan is asked to step in to help cover areas where staff need clarity. We have observed a gradual change in workers’ behavior and the way they put into practice concepts they have learnt. For example, they decided to pick up trash around TJF base every Wednesday after they were trained on the importance of looking after the environment that God gave man to steward.
Alan teaching non-professional staff

The last group is that of TJF’s leadership team. These are managers, supervisors and administrators who are entrusted to lead the staff in fulfilling TJF’s mission and vision. They meet on Wednesday mornings using an hour to learn and practice on how to hear and follow the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the sessions are filled up with praise and worship. Trainers of this session are Lynda and Dr. Alan. Through all these training sessions, we believe that God is bringing transformation into our community. Pray for and with us so that God’s purpose is fulfilled through TJF

Alan and Lynda training TJF leaders
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