Easter! The perfect opportunity to share with others the reality of what our God did for us! A loving Father who revealed Himself to us in human form; a wonderful Son who became sin for us, dying to bear the punishment we deserved; a powerful Holy Spirit who raised Jesus up from the dead, filling Him with resurrection life that will never be overcome.

And so we invited our neighbour and friend on the Joshua base, Mike Collins to come and share with our teaching staff the gospel – on a bracelet! Mike and his wife Stacy gifted every teacher with a one of these, a tool that simply and effectively allows you to share the gospel story with anyone. Mike came to morning devotions and taught our teachers how to use the gospel bracelet.

Left: Mike sharing how to use the gospel bracelet

BLACK = our sinful condition

RED = Jesus’ blood shed for us

WHITE = our lives washed clean from sin

BLUE = our repentance and faith response to God

GREEN = growing in our walk with the Lord

GOLD = eternal life, our forever future with God

Then came practice time. In pairs the teachers practiced how to use the bracelet to share the gospel story and then offer listeners the opportunity to respond to the message.

These bracelets are great! They encourage curiosity to ask what they’re about and courage to share the gospel, at Easter or any other time. Visual things like this really work in Africa – and maybe in New Zealand too, or Britain, the USA, Aussie, or …? Anyway, trust you also have a Jesus-filled Easter, wherever you are!

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