Alan Stephenson

If it were up to me, I'd live in a wildlife park - but life's like that anyway isn't it? Anywhere but gluten free!

Alan Stephenson


Lynda and I pile on many blessings for the New Year to all our supporters and friends. May it be one where knowing God becomes your ticket and mine into a joyride with Him into the unknown – seriously! May it be filled with hope! Before I give you an update on progress on our …

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ne of the great things about being on the mission field is the ‘mixed bag’ of things you get to do! (So often, one feels like Nehemiah, building the walls of Jerusalem – shovel in one hand, sword in the other, everyone on deck, trumpeters on hand.)

Stirring Fires in East Africa

I returned from a week in each of Kenya and Burundi, training leaders across the body of Christ from six different African nations. Our topic, “Kingdom Leadership for the Last Days” has led to many further requests and open doors, especially in Burundi.

Kenya Five Nation Conference

Two hundred and fifty leaders from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi have gathered in Nairobi for a five-day conference – and they’re hungry! They’re hungry for a feed that will take them to the next level, into what God’s doing in these last days.