Arrival of the Global Education Books

“They’re here, they’re here!” I whistled to myself as I wrestled my bike through the muddy roads leading to En Gedi that morning. The recent rains that had washed away our bridge had dampened moods at The Joshua Foundation. The arrival of the books was sure to lift them immensely.

The books that had been donated to us by Global Education, an NGO that aims to improve global education, had come from the States, a cargo shipment taking six weeks and five days by road from the port. They were not for use at Joshua School Arusha only, but also to be handed out to select schools around Arusha.

Lynda Stephenson, our director, organizing things.

Two forty-foot containers atop freight trucks were now parked outside our lower gates. Lynda Stephenson, our director, was organizing things. With heavy grey clouds looming overhead, we had to work quickly before the rains fell. It was all hands-on-deck as we split into three groups; the first oversaw the unpacking from the lorry, the second received and unpacked the boxes being ferried from the gates to classroom stores and other containers and the third group systematically arranged the boxes.

Stacking the parcels of books on wooden pallets they’d arrived on, we made sure they were out of harm’s way from the damp, and soon our stores were jammed. (It’s amazing how many books fit into two 40’ containers!) The work pushed on all day from early morning as staff worked together chain-gang style, good naturedly filling the hours with banter and numerous stories.

As the photographer I put down my camera and joined in. The Joshua Foundation is a close knit community and it especially shows on days like this! Whether it’s work or a ceremony, like Don’s Wedding, or a farewell such as Rod & Jan’s farewell there’s a reason to celebrate.

I lay down my camera to join in

Before evening the books were sorted, marked and stored. I was glad to get home and relax my aching muscles! Riding back there on my bike, I thought about how Lynda had worked with us throughout the day and realized again that The Joshua School Arusha is in good hands.

Lynda Stephenson with the workers