An Overview of “En Gedi” Base (Part 1)

The Joshua Foundation base is situated just out of Arusha, Tanzania, and is called En Gedi. It includes missionary and teachers’ homes, the Teachers Training college (JTTC) and workshop; just across the river is the Joshua School Arusha (JSA). ‘Joshua’ has been very blessed with a site next to a river that allows us access to water easily.
En Gedi is filled with the daily hum and buzz of JTTC students, residents and staff all passing, connecting and serving each other.
The base has a mixture of buildings, farmland and forest area. The farmland is used to graze cattle for milk and grow maize, beans, fruit and vegetables for the staff and school to each for lunches. There are dedicated staff teams to look after the landscape, farmland and practical workshops and repairs.

Some 70 people live on site along with around 35 staff that come to work each day from different areas. With over 100 people on site every day there is always need for development and maintenance. As I have learned in this part of Africa the dust and dryness combined with the tropical flooding rain, water quality and moving earth always means there is things changing and getting worn out, from lights, pumps, roads to complete buildings moving!

Earlier this year there was a huge flood which destroyed the bridge across the river. What was a 300m drive from En Gedi to the JSA school has now changed to a 3km drive. We have been blessed with a temporary footbridge, but the damage remains. The river base level has risen about 5 feet, engulfing the river ram pump, stopping water from reaching the gardens, and blocking the dam with silt. The old bridge was built so strongly that it is very stuck in the river. It will be a time-consuming job to remove it!
We also have a need to rebuild the bridge in a higher position to avoid future flooding. Even though the damage is significant, we praise God that no one was hurt and that He has a plan for something better. This flood was unexpected and has created a large cost that needs to be covered; any support is greatly appreciated .

Despite the river setbacks earlier this year we completed a new well and 50,000L storage tank complete with a header tank to provide more life-giving water to the growing base residents. We’ve also completed changes to the JTTC dorms to meet government regulations to expand the college.

After being here for 6 months I have seen firsthand the amazing job The Joshua Foundation is doing in assisting God in transforming lives and connecting people with Christ. It is a privilege to serve with them and I thank God for the opportunity to work with the team. May God be praised for all He is doing on the En Gedi base to change lives for good! Your prayers and donations too are greatly appreciated!