The Joshua Foundation is named after the biblical Joshua (Yehoshua), “God is Salvation,” which is also the name of Jesus (Yeshua), “God Saves”. Our purpose is to reflect Him and His kingdom in all areas of life. We especially want to do this where the Gospel has been less preached, experienced and understood!

The Bible

is God’s unique book, the only one that accurately tells us about Him and creation from before time began, into endless eternity! You can stake your life on it.


is the eternal Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Three sinless Persons without beginning or end – the only Eternal Life!

They have always lived together in complete harmony and are the Creators of everything.

Jesus Christ

God the Son, was born like us into this world, except that His mother was a virgin. He lived a sinless life, worked miracles and died on the cross according to the Father’s will! He rose from the dead having defeated the devil. He will return to earth in great glory to bring justice and establish His kingdom.


was created as God’s exact representative and for His glory, but he became sinful in all areas of life. Separated from God, he is also separated from Eternal Life and is totally unable to save himself from sin’s effects and eternal death. 


is God’s loving response to regenerate the spirit of the repentant sinner to eternal life as a gift. This is achieved by the working of the Holy Spirit upon a person’s life so that he is enabled to humbly accept the Word of God.

The Holy Spirit

being sent by the Father and the Son, can now lead the believer into “all truth,” i.e., He applies the power of the Life of Jesus and the truth of God’s Word in the believer’s life, sanctifying him, and providing him with the gifts of the Spirit.


is a part of the believer’s journey into maturity. The believer must repent from his sins and confess faith in God through Jesus Christ. The Christian is then to be baptized in water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in order to obey all of Jesus’ commandments, and to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

There is only one Church

even though there are many expressions of it on earth. The Church belongs to Jesus, being His body and Bride. It is comprised of those who have been born again, as it is God’s means for the building up of God’s redeemed people and the destruction of the devil and all his works.

We are at War

not against one another, nor with man-made weapons, but against the wicked forces of spiritual evil that rebelled against God and turned us from Him in the first place. Every believer must keep in close fellowship with Jesus  and in faithful relationship with all believers in His Global Church, whichever part each may come from.


to eternal life and levels of reward awaits the believer when he/she dies. On the other hand, judgment unto eternal separation from God also awaits everyone who has rejected His offer of eternal life. With these vastly different destinies in mind, the believer is to live a life dedicated to God now, drawing people into God’s kingdom.