Meet Dorcas, alias superwoman, the lady who runs our house! While I’m busy as director of The Joshua Foundation, Dorcas keeps our house running smoothly. She is chief cook and bottle washer, not to mention window cleaner and guard of anything belonging to us! If you borrow a knife, scissors, string, you name it, Dorcas will chase you to return it to its rightful place!! She is sometimes known as the watchdog!!!

But Dorcas has more than one string to her bow. She runs a high-demand small business selling Tanzania donuts (maandazi) to our staff at morning teatime. With notebook in hand to keep tabs on staff credit ratings, she cooks and sells that bucket full of donuts every day!!

Dorcas sells maadazi’s every day

Dorcas came to work for us more than 20 years ago (when we were all young 😊). She is now part of our family, enjoys a daily smoothie with me, a daily coffee with Alan, and lots of jokes with us both. When we first met, Dorcas was a single mum with a young son. Now that son is married and she has 3 grandchildren, all of whom live together with her. Dorcas often shares her bed with one or more of her grandkids for whom she is the favourite!! That’s when she’s not taking care of her mother who has diabetes, is blind, mainly incontinent, and very frail. She often sleeps in her mother’s room to watch out for her at night, catering to her wakeful hours and demands that take no note of what time it is, or the pressures of the coming day.

How does she do it? I don’t know, but I do know that she is something of a superwoman to even tackle it all. Add to this that Dorcas is a passionate intercessor (she often uses much of her lunch time praying in our living room), and a committed member of her church, choir and women’s group!!! See what I mean?! We are blessed to hear Dorcas’ cheerful greeting each morning and have her as a part of our family.