A Month in the Life of a Missionary

What’s an average month look like for me in East Africa? We’ll skip the boring details of daily desk work, keeping The Joshua Foundation and its 31 acres on track with itself and government bureaucracy (Lynda does a lot of this too). Here’s an overview of other stuff over the last week and the month ahead…


I crossed the border to sit for a couple of days with Dr Martin Mwambu and Bishop Job Okango, two gents behind a newly registered leadership training institution there. (Given the rise of whacko faith leaders in Africa, it’s understandable that governments want some form of valid training before the latest self-proclaimed Moses leads multitudes into chaos.) Very worthwhile, with great prospects for spreading an indigenous, registered training network across East Africa.

Martin, Alan and Job

While there, I dropped in on my dad in Nairobi. He crushes his first century next February, still drives like he’s on the plains (doesn’t always remember where he is when he gets there), chops a mean chunk of wood for his daily fire during the cold season and plays a lethal game of grass croquet. (I work hard to match him.) Always great visiting!

Alan, his dad, and brother Chris

Three months’ ago, Lynda and I prayed over the foundations of Job and Mable Okango’s newest faith venture – a worship venue for 500 people. Now, with nothing in hand, its up to roof level, pushed by eager locals from all walks of life whom God has inspired to help, nearly all unsolicited. O yes, mustn’t forget the corrugated-iron sheds they’ve erected alongside! This is the local school where over 40 kids attend each day, taught by Mable. Great to see God at work!


Back here, our river-rampaged bridge has been cut up by an arc welder and hauled out of the gorge where it was dumped by an extraordinary flood. Now we’ll start building a better one next week, plus get an almost buried pump house (and the pump within it), ramming water again.

The Zone building from New Zealand is rising heavenward too, under Wayne Norgrove’s watchful eye. Next comes the foundation walls and floor pad, then the walls and roof. Watch this space!

Zone on the Rise!